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“shweta your mic is on” Know who is shweta and why she is getting viral

as you know #shweta is trending on tweeter from few days, so who is shweta? and why she is trending on social media from few days. shweta forgets to turn off its mic and some one recorded it and posted it on social media

About “Shweta Your Mic Is On”

a girl named shweta join’s a meeting on zoom and forgets to turn off her computers mic but this is not the viral thing the main part starts when she starts talking about a boy’s personal details, her classmates warned her about his mic is on but she didn’t listened them as her device’s volume is low.

the video went viral with many hashtags like #shweta #shwetayourmicison #pandit etc

#shweta memes

here is the video of zoom class


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