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TVF’s Aspirants YouTube webseries review and analysis, UPSC aspirants, Sandeep Bhaiya

TVF’s Aspirants Review

TVF’s Aspirants is a show about four friends thinking about launching a startup company titled TVF Pitchers became the rate. India has been hooked ever since, The Viral Fever and its sister companies especially stand out for several reasons. But I genuinely feel that it has captured a loyal and extensive fan base primarily because it has creators that have lived ordinary lives like you and me, when a bunch of graduates from IIT forms a company to tell stories, individuals that want to work as professionals in a society that demands excellence and is constantly comparative with its peers inadvertently they have a sense of the pulse of India. One of the major reasons why TVF and its stories are often referenced or compared to be today’s generation’s Amol Palekar stories is because there is a sense of connection that the audience feels with the fictional characters that are portrayed by TVF products. This ranges from relationships, education, societal commentary, or even family values. The audience of TVF is not restricted to a particular demographic. It has the ability to connect with students through a story like Kota Factory, as well as transport an older audience and make them reminisce about family interactions through a show like “Gullak”. This is a quality and reinstates very few production houses possess.

So when I got to know that TVF, after Gullak Season Two and Panchayat is going to release a show for free on YouTube on the struggle of individuals to crack the UPSC exam I was thoroughly excited. I saw reviews pouring in about the show the moment the first two episodes had been launched. It made me wonder how do people have an analysis of this show while the characters in the world are still being explored? You have to realize that the capitalist within me gets a sense of anxiety when I can’t put out my word in the digital space sooner. And somehow everyone was talking about the show, but I wondered, shouldn’t we be patient for at least some more episodes to come out so that at least we feel invested in this world and its characters. I acknowledge now that everyone has their own way of working and ding watch the four episodes of the series TVF’s Aspirants, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist talking about it after the fourth episode two days before the finale comes out on Saturday. Because of how deeply it impacted me and made me emotional. TVF’s Aspirants follows the life of “Abhilash” played by Navin Kasturia an individual giving his final time for the UPSC exam as he lives as a paying. guest in Old Rajendra Nagar in Delhi (a locality famous for Civil Services aspirants and coaching institutes). His two close friends from college “Guri” and “S.K” formed the tripod. The series explores as a flashback with several transformational and impactful moments that come in the lives of these three characters as they prepare for the UPSC exams while doing a back and forth with their current predicaments working professionals. There’s a reason why this show hits it out of the box.

TVF has the ability to really sink into the teeth of what every middle-class individual in this country wants to achieve while keeping in mind several realities that may hold them back. When you have experienced what your characters go through yourself. The beauty in the writing comes out effortlessly and impacts the viewers. Every IAS aspirant knows the sacrifices that one has to make. In order to achieve excellence for your own self-worth, but more importantly to make your parents proud, one of the most competitive exams of the country that had close to eight lakh preliminary applications in 2019, and ended up with less than 1000 getting selected. This is an event for which “all eggs are put in one basket” a year goes by praying for the chance to get selected. If not, they’ll know the year of possibly wondering where the magic will take place the next time.

The beauty of a show like TVF’s Aspirants has actually integrated instances of real life in its story, anecdotes of a UPSC rank holder or an interaction of an IAS officer with the general public adds authenticity to the show. Something that tells you about the attention to detail of the creator’s I won’t lie that you may get annoyed of the Unacademy sponsored dialogues with sometimes seen as manufactured as YouTube sponsored videos and I also won’t deny that there is consistent use of the same background score to heighten the emotional quotient of the show. But what is great about aspirants is that the core and the heart of the storyline still remain intact. what’s beautiful about a show like TVF’s aspirants is that it has such dependable actors to tell this story. Naveen Kastoria probably TVF’s regular leading man really captures the essence of “Abhilash” brilliantly of a pessimist in his true sense of the last despite being stubborn, learns to adapt for better results. His pragmatic approach, his inability to accept mediocrity, and his evolution over the course of four episodes are something that many aspirational young men will connect with. The need for one to get directed in a part is beautifully communicated through the interactions that he has with his friends in the form of “Guri” played by Shivankit Singh Parihar and SK played by Abhilash Thapliyal, Shivankit lends a very realistic approach to a friend and all of you may have in your group. Abhilash Thapliyal played a mediator between the constantly at loggerheads, friends, a simple man who wants a sense of peace, who stays in his lane, who does as a rule book instructs and as a heart of gold, Namita Dubey and Dhairya also provides a sensitive and realistic approach to a character that has a considerable impact in Abhilash’s life.

But if India will connect with one character, truly someone that they will resonate with, it is Sandeep Bhaiya played by Sunny Hinduja. The goal of the majority of Indians is to change the financial feed of their families without being perceived as a burden. Sunny Hinduja lends such sincerity in his portrayal of this man. Despite being a supporting character of the show. He is the individual that will make you uncontrollably weep and steal your heart as many people are saying and this may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Abhilash is a story but “Sandeep Bhaiya” is an emotion as I saw the characters standing in the rain alone. There is a beauty to the dialogues of this show written by Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish, Arnabh Kumar, and Shreyansh Pandey when you can make an analogy of Tom and Jerry and not come across as generic, but actually thought provoking. You know, the creators and their connection to the masses is unbreakable.

And that was a review guys, right down the comments below what you thought about the series.

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TVF’s Aspirants Cast

Naveen KasturiaAbhilash Sharma
Shivankit Singh PariharGuri
Sunny HindujaSandeep Bhaiya
Namita DubeyDhairya

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